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Unearthing Urban Artifacts with Andrey Syaylev’s Architectural Explorations


Single-type panel buildings, an iconic symbol of urban landscapes, hold a special place in the cultural fabric of many cities. These seemingly gloomy blocks of five-story buildings, with their warm yellow kitchen lights, floral curtains, and balconies brimming with life, have become more than just structures. They are artifacts, a testament to the passage of time, and have become a source of inspiration for contemporary creative practices.

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Enter Andrey Syaylev, an artist who approaches these architectural relics much like an archaeologist from the future. He delves into the elements of Soviet residential architecture, unearthing intriguing parallels between these structures and pagan masks, and even futuristic robots. His exploration is not just about the buildings themselves, but about the stories they tell and the cultural significance they hold.


Andrey’s artistic process is akin to creating a collage, bringing together different materials to construct a narrative. From checkered baize blankets to ceramic “mettlach” tiles, he weaves together these disparate elements to create patterns that reflect the urban landscape. His work is not just about capturing the physicality of these buildings, but about revealing the universal markers that characterize our current historical moment.


In Syaylev’s hands, these single-type panel buildings become more than just structures of concrete and steel. They become a canvas, a source of inspiration, and a lens through which we can explore our shared history and culture. His work is a reminder that even the most ordinary elements of our urban landscapes can hold extraordinary significance.


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