Leather Covered Toyota Crown XIV Sold in Moscow For $325,000

This was probably one of the wildest ads. The leather-fur car previously made at the order of a Russian oligarch to be presented to queen Elizabeth. Now it’s being sold in Moscow – perhaps, the gift was denied, and it’s not difficult to understand why…

h/t: englishrussia

Well, this wonder is based on Toyota Crown 1995. And after the crazy modification it costs 25,000,000 rub. ($325,000). The main feature of the car is buffalo leather that stupidly covers the entire vehicle. The cabin is generously finished with fur. By the way, initially the car was sold for 88 million rubles but later some lucky devil managed to purchase it for 25 million.

Canadian buffalo leather, Swarovski crystals, Scandinavian, brown Siberian and Barguzin sable fur, discs covered with leather too. According to the seller, “the car does not require any investments”. What do you think?

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