Russian Artist Artem Biziaev Published a LEGO Set Concept Based on Slavic Fairy Tales – Design You Trust

Russian Artist Artem Biziaev Published a LEGO Set Concept Based on Slavic Fairy Tales

According to an artist: “Hey, Lego fans! Let me introduce you the most famous, most charismatic, most adored character of Slavic fairy tales! Baba Yaga!

Don’t be intimidated by her terrifying appearance. After all, although she is very nasty, Baba Yaga is fair and ready to help travelers who have entered her forest. Yaga lives in the old Hut on Hen’s Legs. Have you seen something like this?
It is possible only in the Thrice Tenth Kingdom beyond the Thrice Nine Lands. By the way, unlike the European witches, Baba Yaga flies not on a broomstick, but in a large, comfortable mortar.

I am very glad that I was able to share a part of my culture. I hope you will love Baba Yaga as millions of children in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Eastern Europe.”

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