Abandoned Soviet Children’s Pioneer Camp “Fairy Tale”: The Most Weird And Beautiful Abandoned Location You’ve Ever Seen – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007

Abandoned Soviet Children’s Pioneer Camp “Fairy Tale”: The Most Weird And Beautiful Abandoned Location You’ve Ever Seen

Young Pioneer camp “Skazka” (“Fairy Tale”) – built in the Soviet years for children of employees of the publishing house “Children’s Literature”. It is noteworthy for its amazing, and in places, even insane design. Unusual sculptures made of concrete are installed throughout the territory.

The pioneer camp has its own ski slope, a bomb shelter, four buildings with sleeping rooms, a kindergarten, several houses for workers, a large central building with a kitchen, dining room, library, club and cinema hall. Exact location – 56°14’22.4″N 37°23’57.7″E

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