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Tatra T77: One of the First Serial-Produced Automobiles

1934 Tatra T77 1

Tatra, Czechoslovakian car brand, was known for its high-end luxury cars. In the 1920s, they invented the backbone chassis, and in the early 1930s, they created the Tatra Type 77, the first aerodynamic road car. Hans Ledwinka, his son Erich, and Erich Überlacker created the T77, with Zeppelin designer Paul Jaray designing its groundbreaking exterior.

h/t: vintag.es

1934 Tatra T77 2

Radical streamlining principles influenced the vehicle’s sleek, revolutionary design. The car’s futuristic, low-to-the-ground appearance was created to reduce drag and improve efficiency and high-speed performance. The striking rear fin was designed to improve the car’s lateral stability, especially at high speeds.

1934 Tatra T77 3

Despite doubts about its performance, the avant-garde T77 easily reached 140 km/h during demonstration rides despite its 3.0-liter V8 engine. This confirmed the car’s aerodynamic design’s value, and many other manufacturers followed suit.

1934 Tatra T77 4

One T77 even competed in the 1000 Czechoslovak Miles race for production-based touring cars, finishing fourth in the tough public road event. Beautiful 1934 Tatra T77 photos are below.

1934 Tatra T77 5
1934 Tatra T77 6
1934 Tatra T77 7
1934 Tatra T77 8
1934 Tatra T77 9
1934 Tatra T77 10
1934 Tatra T77 11
1934 Tatra T77 12
1934 Tatra T77 13
1934 Tatra T77 14
1934 Tatra T77 15

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