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The Messerschmitt KR200: A Sunny Day out In Germany’s Two-Seater Tandem Bubble Car, 1959


In 1952, German aircraft engineer Fritz Fend (April 14, 1920 – November 22, 2000), a former technical officer with the Luftwaffe in World War 2, took his design for a Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter) to the Messerschmitt aircraft corporation.

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Prohibited from manufacturing aircrafts after World War II (Germany was forbidden to manufacture aircraft until 1955), Messerschmitt needed products to keep its factories running. The company liked the idea. Fend added another seat, and in 1955, the three-wheeled Messerschmitt KR200 hit the road.


Some 40,000 Kabinenroller models rolled out between 1955 and 1964.


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