Belgian Designers Have Created A Canoe For Two That Folds Away Into A Box – Design You Trust

Belgian Designers Have Created A Canoe For Two That Folds Away Into A Box


Belgian’s Otto Van De Steene and Thomas Weyn wanted to travel with a canoe and be able to easily use it within the city, but there wasn’t anything on the market. They set out to design their own canoe, but it had to be lightweight, easy to carry, and it had to be possible to store it anywhere.

h/t: contemporist


Using a new composite material that’s both durable and unsinkable, they designed ONAK, a lightweight foldable canoe. Here’s a look at the canoe all packed up, notice how it isn’t much bigger than a suitcase. The canoe takes just 15 minutes to assemble. You simply fold it into shape and connect all of the straps.


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