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Y40 Deep Joy – the World’s Deepest Pool

Y-40 is projected by Architect Emanuele Boaretto and supported by the “Boaretto Group Hotel and Resort”. The name Y-40 is inspired by mathematical symbols. “Y” is the ordinate axis of the Cartesian system and “–40” means the world’s record depth or our pool- that is 40 meters underground. Y-40 is filled with thermal spa water. 4300 cubic meters maintained at a temperature of 32-34°C. The pool is 40 meters deep with a surface area measuring 21x18m. It has various intermediate depths and caves for technical scuba diving.

A drawing showing the depth of the Y40 Deep Joy, the worlds deepest pool. The design is harmonious with the surrounding countryside. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The Y-40 Deep Joy is the worlds deepest pool. Located in the Euganean Hills of Italy, it was designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto and is a part of the Millipini Hotel. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

In addition to being the world’s deepest pool, the Deep Joy is filled with thermal spa water which is heated to 32 degrees C. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The lobby outside of the Deep Joy. The pool was opened to the public for the first time on June 5, 2014. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The 40 meter (or 120ft) deep pool has an underground bridge at -5m for those who want to stay dry. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The Y-40 Deep Joy is the worlds deepest pool. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The outside of the Y40 Deep Joy, which is built into the hillsides of Italy. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The Y-40 Deep Joy features several levels and grottos. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

The various levels and caves make it ideal of technical scuba diving, for which lessons are offered at the Terme Milleprini Hotel. (Photo by Courtesy Y40 Deep Joy)

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