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The Superb Typographic Posters by Elena Byalaya


Elena is a graphic designer with a background in book design and illustration currently residing in New York.

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[image] 56792
[image] 186444
[image] 414732
[image] 664876
[image] 771466
[image] 774833
[image] 1069873
[image] 1415480
[image] 1646804
[image] 2016687
[image] 2436817
[image] 3673842
[image] 3914110
[image] 3931311
[image] 4377201
[image] 4409946
[image] 4495882
[image] 4699379
[image] 5035617
[image] 5205636
[image] 5240966
[image] 6456064
[image] 6518286
[image] 6681227
[image] 7077363
[image] 7460486
[image] 7701760
[image] 7747641
[image] 7783160
[image] 7826885
[image] 8021193
[image] 8848608
[image] 9012017
[image] 9013719
[image] 9099771
[image] 9381632
[image] 9585260
[image] 9650495

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