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Stunning Streetart Pieces and Murals by Helio Bray


Helio Bray, a Portuguese artist, combines graffiti and figurative art to create striking murals and paintings. Growing up distant from urban art scenes, Helio only encountered graffiti when he began creating his own murals, sparking an exceptional artistic journey. He developed a unique style that marked his progression in the art world.

By 2012, seeking a new creative direction, Helio moved to the quieter space of an atelier. There, he evolved his approach, mixing spray paint with figurative elements in his mixed-media works. This period of exploration enriched his portfolio with diverse styles and mediums, showcasing his continuous innovation.

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[image] 415180
[image] 1090224
[image] 1102239
[image] 1810032
[image] 1952234
[image] 2217867
[image] 2468102
[image] 3313961
[image] 3384991
[image] 3423195
[image] 3785889
[image] 4214826
[image] 4352029
[image] 4427998
[image] 4657086
[image] 4967058
[image] 5650450
[image] 6152324
[image] 7667446
[image] 8791280
[image] 9175990
[image] 9741845

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