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“Under A Darkening Sky”: The Superb Sci-Fi Concept Art By J.C. Park

Discover the art of J.C. Park, an illustrator and concept artist based in Seoul, South Korea where he currently works in the video game, feature film, animation, TV commercial and publication industry. J.C has created concept art for games such as Aion, Legend of the Cryptids.

“J.C. Your electronic brush technique is flawless…it has the freshness and control of color, picture composition and ambience that is amazing. I enjoyed looking at your many examples on your website. You are up with the best I’ve ever seen. Because of my illustrative career, I especially enjoy your scenic creations. The mood, the ambience and the sense of ‘being there’ is visceral and completely convincing. ” – from SYD MEAD

More info: J.C. Park, Artstation, Facebook

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