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Outstanding 80s Hairstyles That You Can Almost Smell The Aqua Net Hairspray

In the 1980s, people were into big hair because the celebs had big hair. And it wasn’t all that hard to get big hair, either. You just needed to make sure that you grew your hair out, and then you permed them and teased them. Hair spray was a crucial tool, along with the ubiquitous mousse.

With the aid of bottles of Aqua Net hair spray, and cans of mousse, both men and women in the ’80s achieved gravity-defying feats of hairstyling prowess. All you needed was a 1/2 can of Aqua Net, and you could achieve any style, any height! Perfect for a tight perm to blow out bangs to the ceiling. Required 2 shampooings to remove and still left white “glue-like” substance in hair, the build-up made it easier to get skyscraper bangs next styling!

h/t: vintag.es

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