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Amazing Brand New Steampunk Sculptures From Trash By Artūras

I’ve already shown you amazing steampunk sculptures by the artist from Lithuania – Artūras. And to day we want to show a few more.

“I immersed into the new type of arts some years ago. It overpowered me as soon as I got acquainted with it. That is a very strange type of arts full of unexpected solutions and inventions and it fits to one word “Steampunk.” I use the most diverse materials for work starting from wares, antiquarians and ending with rubbish that is useless. It is a pleasure for me that I can help to transform an item that was thrown and is useless giving it the opportunity to exist in a new shape, in a new form as if I continued its existence in an already artistic expression. I present my works and advertise them mostly on the Internet. A steampunk style lovers from Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Australia have acquired some of my works,” he says.

More info: Artūras, Facebook

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