The Amazing Life-size Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron That Drives!

The Bugatti Chiron — a sleek supercar worth millions — is the ultimate drive for auto enthusiasts. But one made entirely of Legos takes the idea of expensive toys to a whole other level. Lego announced Thursday that it has successfully built a life-size, driveable replica of the Bugatti Chiron, entirely made of more than 1 million Legos.

The Lego Bugatti Chiron is fully functional and can fit two passengers inside. Lego says the car can accelerate to slightly over 12 miles per hour (theoretically up 18 miles per hour) and weighs over 3,000 pounds. It also boasts 5.3 horsepower, as well as real Bugatti Chiron wheels. Two batteries in the car serve as its overall power source. Although there is no gas or acceleration pedal (as the car is driven by voltage level), there is a working pedal for the brake.

More: Lego h/t: cnbc

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