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Beautiful Postcards Designed by Tito Corbella in the 1920s


Tito Corbella (1885–1966) was an Italian painter renowned primarily as a postcard designer, although he also excelled in poster art. Born in Pontremoli, within the province of Massa Carrara, he initially pursued a degree in chemistry at the University of Padua. His artistic journey continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he studied under Guglielmo Ciardi and Ettore Tito.

While Corbella did engage in painting, his main focus was on illustration and poster design. His career spanned various domains, including advertising and work for Ricordi in Milan, as well as the film industry in Rome, where he eventually passed away in 1966. Corbella’s postcards, celebrated for their portrayals of elegant women and romantic couples, captured the essence of the era.


Tito Corbella 1
Tito Corbella 2
Tito Corbella 3
Tito Corbella 4
Tito Corbella 5
Tito Corbella 6
Tito Corbella 7
Tito Corbella 8
Tito Corbella 9
Tito Corbella 10
Tito Corbella 11
Tito Corbella 12
Tito Corbella 13
Tito Corbella 14
Tito Corbella 15
Tito Corbella 16
Tito Corbella 17
Tito Corbella 18
Tito Corbella 20
Tito Corbella 21
Tito Corbella 22
Tito Corbella 23
Tito Corbella 24
Tito Corbella 25
Tito Corbella 26
Tito Corbella 27
Tito Corbella 28
Tito Corbella 29
Tito Corbella 30
Tito Corbella 31
Tito Corbella 32
Tito Corbella 33
Tito Corbella 34
Tito Corbella 35

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