1,252 Floating Balls Form An Eye When Looking From The Right Angle

Perceptual Shift is the latest in my series of sculptural works that I refer to as expanded graphics, limited color graphics that are exploded and rendered in three dimensional space. This work is the first of its kind, it’s a 3D halftone. Black and white halftone images are traditionally produced using black circles on a white surface. This work moves away from the traditional picture plane using the white room as its canvas. The flat black circles have become floating black spheres.

When viewing this piece a perceptual shift occurs as a seemingly chaotic array of black particles suddenly align to form a highly organized graphic image. To see the illusion, the viewer’s perception of three dimensional space needs to change and become perceived as flat. Once you see the illusion, it contains within it another illusion; one of another space and of volume.

For the past twenty years I have been rendering illusions of two dimensional images in three dimensional space. I began this body of work as a way to excite and capture the attention of the viewer by presenting an alternative way of experiencing space and image.

The suspended sculptures are essentially mobiles for grown ups. They are vehicles for information and starting points for conversations. I aim to create rewarding visual experiences that leave the viewer contemplating their stance on important issues.

The imagery of the eye was inspired by information privacy and the mass surveillance and data collection being conducted by the United States government. I feel this is a very important issue that more people need to be talking and thinking about. Our government is violating our rights and no one seems to care.

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