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“Blindness”: Javier Martin’s Exploration of Urban Grittiness, Glamorous Advertising, and Society’s Obsession with Beauty


Javier Martin is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist renowned for his innovative work across painting, collage, sculpture, performance, and video art. His art cleverly juxtaposes everyday objects in unexpected ways, creating thought-provoking visual metaphors.

For over ten years, Martin has been working on his iconic “Blindness” collection. In these pieces, the eyes—traditionally seen as windows to the soul—are obscured by bold colors or neon light. Martin’s paintings and collages of seemingly flawless models challenge society’s obsession with beauty and unattainable lifestyles. Inspired by the contrast between urban grittiness and glamorous advertising, he masterfully blends technology, collage, and painting to deconstruct our perceptions of perfection.

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