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Heart-Warming Illustrations of True Love in All Its Beauty and Joy


Philippa Rice is a young and very talented artist from England and the author of a whole book of gorgeous illustrations called Soppy. It’s clear to anyone who has the pleasure of seeing her work that Philippa has a brilliant ability to express the beauty of day-to-day life spent in the company of one’s beloved.

Here are some of Philippa’s most heart-warming illustrations. We’re sure that every couple will recognise themselves in some of these. Beautiful!

Sometimes, happiness means spending a lazy morning together…


It means going shopping together,


putting everything to one side in order to cuddle,


helping each other in the kitchen


and putting up furniture together.


It’s always better to be together, even if you’ve had a bad day.


Feeling exhausted isn’t so bad when they’re by your side.


Even brushing your teeth together before bed somehow becomes more fun.


Finding room to snuggle together on the couch becomes second nature.


Anyone who’s ever felt really close — really close — to someone will understand this.


They know that pure joy can be found in something as simple as falling asleep side by side.


Or chatting all night about everything and nothing.


Every couple has their favourite places where they go only with each other.


Just being together is the greatest joy of all.

Via Bright Side

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