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Photo Project That Proves Beauty Knows No Nationality


The Ethnic Origins of Beauty” is a photo project by Natalia Ivanova, a Russian photographer and photojournalist. It is dedicated to documenting “the ethnic diversity of mankind, presented through the beauty of women of all ethnic groups of the world.”


“The objective of this project is to show the real scale of ethnocultural diversity in a full, systematic and creative way; to illustrate each and every distinctive ethnicity, however small it is, and whatever its official status.”


“It is the ethnicities put on the base of the project, rather than states, to show the picture of human diversity vividly, which we do not see when focusing only at racial or national typologies that are characteristic for the most international competitions or other events. Limiting only by civil affiliation, 90% of existing peoples stay invisible, because they are not presented as independent countries.”


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