Spectacular Winning Images of the iCanvas Digital Art Award 2021

Carissa Susilo
Madame White Snake (Digital Painting & Drawing)

This year’s Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize judging process certainly has not been easy for our Jury Panel, with so many excellent Digital Art entries from countries all over the world.

The Digital Art Award Finalists are all exceptional examples of the diverse digital art creation methods, and provide a fascinating snapshot of the many different styles digital artists are currently working in.

From the 110 Finalists, the Winners in each category, and overall 1st Prize Winner will participate in the prestigious Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition at Haven Gallery alongside 70+ of the best contemporary artists from around the world.

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Vorja Sanchez
Curiosity (Photomanipulation)

Catrin Welz-Stein
Morning Flight (Digital Collage)

Marcela Medeiros
Owl Harpy (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Lu Ke
What the master would not discuss (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Samuel Araya
Still the bridge is enflamed with fire (Digital Painting & Drawing)

The Alice Tsai
Cycle (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Jóga (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Te Hu
Nymph (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Niveau (Digital Collage)

Joaquin Baldwin
An Inordinate Fondness for Bears (Digital Painting & Drawing)

La Baronne (Digital 3 Dimensional)

Ransom & Mitchell
It Will Be Ours (Photomanipulation)

Clare D’Arcy
Organic Symbiotic (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Miriam Eme
Twins (Photomanipulation)

Brodie Colbourne
Psychedelic Dreaming (Vector)

Elizabeth Wakou
The Evirato (Digital Painting & Drawing)

DruGz (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Mark Constantine Inducil
Portrait of a Daemon II (Digital 3 Dimensional)

Lori Earley
Plight of the White Raven (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Gabriella Barouch
Her Bear (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Supplication (Digital Painting & Drawing)

Attachment (Digital 3 Dimensional)

Danielle Summers
Halo 5 Digital (Painting & Drawing)

Dawid Planeta
I am Back (Photomanipulation)

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