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‘Hong Kong is Not China’: Artist’s Illustrations Go Viral

A collection of illustrations created by a Hong Kong designer has gone viral since being published to the Facebook page of Local Studio HK.

The collection features illustrations depicting the difference between mainland China and Hong Kong, covering topics including cultural habits, discipline, language and socio-political issues such as judicial structures, food safety and censorship.

The unidentified designer of the illustrations revealed that the purpose of the collection was to “Mourn the fact that Hong Kong has been ‘colonized’ by mainland China” and to “tell the world about the differences between Hong Kongers and Chinese people”.

One of the images takes a direct jab at the Hong Kong police force, which last year came under scrutiny for its handling of the pro-democracy protests in the territory.

While the Facebook post has racked up nearly 4,000 “likes” from supporters, others accused the artist of generalizing and directing unnecessary hate at the people of mainland China.

“I understand HK is going through a difficult time right now. You have every right to be angry, but if you are angry, be angry at the government and the communist party,” wrote one Maggie Chou. “Posts like this will hurt mainlanders and make mainlanders think HK people are arrogant. I know you are proud of your distinct identity, but please don’t do it on the cost of others.”

“Comparing mainland’s worst with HK’s best,” wrote Xiang Min. “Free speech? More like hate speech.”
Via Shanghaiist

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