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The Superb 3D Concept & Surreal Artworks of Prateek Vatash


Prateek Vatash is an artist and illustrator based in India.

His work involves neon-infused visuals, often combining 3D and 2D mixed media elements inspired by retro aesthetics, the occult, video games, interior design, and architecture. ​In his personal work, he enjoys playing with the idea of imperfections, bending rules of graphic design, and experimenting with new traditional and digital art techniques.

More: Prateek Vatash, Instagram, Behance

[image] 49514
[image] 53070
[image] 78065
[image] 114832
[image] 184035
[image] 902883
[image] 949101
[image] 974842
[image] 1566011
[image] 2114301
[image] 2852082
[image] 2890337
[image] 2959241
[image] 3424846
[image] 3493513
[image] 3646157
[image] 3748443
[image] 3882391
[image] 4174760
[image] 4241828
[image] 4286492
[image] 4324988
[image] 4681278
[image] 4941724
[image] 5284192
[image] 5720649
[image] 6039865
[image] 6258847
[image] 6788484
[image] 6907570
[image] 6958045
[image] 7452254
[image] 7823101
[image] 8006906
[image] 8023181
[image] 8516532
[image] 8803092
[image] 8863719
[image] 8965569
[image] 9929657

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