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For $100, You Can Have A Farm Animal Drop By Your Next ZOOM Video Conference

Odds are you and your colleagues are spending more time on video calls these days. Well, for your next team meeting or company Zoom call, why not mix things up a bit? For $100, you can have a llama or goat visit your call. Yes, really.

More: Sweet Farm, Twitter h/t: ajc

A Silicon Valley-based animal sanctuary, Sweet Farm, recently launched “Goat 2 Meeting,” which offers a cameo from a farm animal on company calls.

“Need a fresh face to brighten up your video conference meetings? Want a fun experience for an online Happy Hour? Looking for a virtual tour? The Sweet Farm Animal Ambassadors are here for you,” a post on the farm’s website reads.

Packages range from $65 for a virtual private tour of the farm to $225 for a 25-minute corporate meeting virtual tour. Or, the sweet spot in the middle: For $100, you can have a 10-minute cameo visit from an animal.

“You send us your meeting link and we’ll call in to bring some smiles to your co-workers faces,” the website reads.

The farm’s co-founder, Anna Sweet, told Business Insider than since mid-March they have had more than 300 requests for their virtual visitors.

“I think we’re all a little stressed with what’s going on — many of us have been sitting inside,” Sweet told Business Insider. “We’re just hoping to bring some smiles to people’s faces while bringing them out to the farm at the same time.”

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