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15 Hilarious Design Fails That Prove You Should Always Hire A Designer


From pencils encouraging kids to do drugs to an escalator that leads you straight into a wall, we can’t believe these epic design fails ever got made into actual products.

Always remember, kids: don’t be happy — worry!

Photo source: Reddit

An anti-drugs slogan for a pencil… until you sharpen it, that is.

Photo source: Imgur

Good luck with that one, cyclists.

Photo source: Reddit

Always read the label, guys.

Photo source: Imgur

We wonder if the Swiss designer of London’s iconic Westminster Bridge was implying something about the politicians at Parliament?

Photo source: Flickr

Nothing makes you feel safer than a sign encouraging “No safety, smoking first.”

Photo source: Reddit

Patterned carpets + stairs = broken necks for everyone.

Photo source: Imgur

Cinderella’s nose job didn’t come out quite as expected.

Photo source: Reddit

We’re not sure if we’re disgusted or just plain curious about where exactly Vermont’s maple syrup comes from.

Photo source: Reddit

You had ONE job, designers.

Photo source: Imgur

What a charming safari slide! Although it looks a bit like… oh.

Photo source: Reddit

Lovely, happy minions… weeping blood all over the bath.

Photo source: Reddit


Photo source: Imgur

We wouldn’t want to start the morning with that.

Photo source: Reddit

Everything’s fine until you unexpectedly meet a friend inside.

Photo source: Failblog

We’re not sure how these ridiculous fails made it to production, but we’re confident there’s several out-of-work designers sobbing into their bowl of rapefruit every morning.
h/t: bored panda

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