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“Wakka Wakka Wakka”: Amazing Nostalgic Video Game Artworks By Rachid Lotf

When we think back to the nineties today, all we can think of a strange things. Terrible clothes, horrible hairstyles, bad music. All day long talk shows were shown on television, the turn of the millennium was a time for computer specialists, and with it also us, in fear and terror, SMS fees of 11 cents per sent 160 character message tore deep holes in our wallets, which were anyway far too tight. From a cultural point of view, the nineties were probably a decade that, on the surface, did not belong to the brilliant achievements of the human race.

But once we sit down and give the nostalgic feelings deep inside a little emotional space, we suddenly remember all the small and big miracles that have made us what we are today. Star Wars, for example. Or Sailor Moon. Or the grey Game Boy. Or the Turtles. Tomb Raider. The Tamagotchi. Space Jam. Pokémon. Friends. Bruce Lee movies. The Simpsons. Everything with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jurassic Park, Silent Hill. And of course Michael Jackson.

The artist Rachid Lotf has now simply packed everything that was important to him in his childhood into a single picture and then shared it with the world. Sure, at first glance we find all kinds of things that mean a lot to us. But even at second, third or even fourth glance you might be surprised by the richness of detail that Rachid’s work “90’s Kid” possesses. Under the Final Fantasy VII poster, that’s Hello Kitty? Is there a Monopoly board on the floor? And is there a furby on the crammed shelf waiting for us? Yes, yes and yes again.

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