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This Korean Artist Imagines Herself as The Real-Life Cyber Doll


Ji Soo aka EZ, merges technology with art in a fresh and personal way, using herself as a canvas to blend digital and physical elements.

Born in Korea and shaped by life in Canada and the US, her work is defined by a love for the digital world and a passion for mecha, inspired by giant robots in manga and anime. She crafts Mecha-inspired gear from Gundam models, bringing her digital fantasies into the real world. Her Instagram showcases this cyborg identity, reflecting her love for mecha, internet culture, and her struggle with anxiety. Influenced by cyberpunk cinema, Japanese mecha artists, and ero-guro anime, EZ’s art explores themes of identity in the digital age, blending technological and erotic elements in a unique and captivating way.

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[image] 624509
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[image] 2082489
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[image] 2547821
[image] 2660198
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[image] 2711130
[image] 2732725
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[image] 2982356
[image] 3057828
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[image] 4372407
[image] 4415579
[image] 4799920
[image] 4912888
[image] 4971606
[image] 5352789
[image] 5907643
[image] 7060546
[image] 7082900
[image] 7564346
[image] 7607791
[image] 8133346
[image] 8264058
[image] 8368519
[image] 8467268
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