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Amazing Portraits of Jamie Farr as Sgt. Maxwell Q. Klinger in M*A*S*H


Maxwell Q. Klinger, the eccentric character from the M*A*S*H TV series (1972-1983), was played by Jamie Farr. The character, often seen cross-dressing, was humorously fixated on being discharged from the Korean War.



This character was inspired by comedian Lenny Bruce, discharged from the navy for dressing in women’s uniform, among other things. The show brought the term “Section 8” into popular usage, referring to discharging those deemed mentally unfit to serve, which, in the mid-20th century, often included individuals with non-normative gender identities or sexuality.


Farr landed the role without auditioning, thanks to his relationship with producer Gene Reynolds. The role was a lifeline for Farr who was struggling professionally at the time. Initially, he had a small part, but his performance struck a chord with both the producers and audience, eventually making him a series regular by the third season. His character brought a splash of color to the series, often dressed in extravagant outfits borrowed from the 20th Century Fox wardrobe department, some of which were previously worn by famous actresses.


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