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Spectacular Winning Images Of The 2022 Picfair Urban Wildlife Photography Awards

An amateur photographer who works in digital advertising has won the inaugural Picfair Urban Wildlife Photography Awards for his image of two coyotes on a dimly lit suburban street in Ontario. All Picfair profits on print sales will go to global conservation non-profit Re:Wild.

Overall winner: Date Night
‘I thought it was my car that had caught their attention as I rounded the corner, and maybe it had at first, but as I rolled down the window I heard it was another group of howling coyotes that had piqued their interest. I parked, turned the engine off, and frantically went to work with the camera … however, in the rush of that moment I was soon compelled to put my camera down and soak in the scene’. Photograph: Andrew Interisano/Picfair

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Winner Nightlife category: Life Beyond the Sewer
‘The pandemic forced me to stay in a small town for the last two years. This led me to find several animals using different parts of our city. I have been surprised to see the number of urban structures that many species use. They shelter under bridges, move through aqueducts, or nest along roads. But usually, we don’t notice it’. Photograph: Austin Montero/Picfair

Winner Daylight category: Window to the salt pan
Greater flamingo feeding in an artificial salt pan seen through a ‘window’ on the levee. ‘I had spotted the lonely flamingo on the water from the opposite bank and had to move quickly in position, anticipating (or rather hoping) it will line up with the wooden frame for a shot. The flamingo lifted its head from under the water for a split second when reaching the frame, allowing only one shot, before carrying on with feeding’. Photograph: Mano Aliczki/Picfair

Winner Fancy Seeing You Here category: Trash Panda
A raccoon peeks out from a drain pipe in Toronto. Photograph: Jill Finney/Picfair

Cat and fish
A cat makes off with its illicit share of the catch, unbeknown to those who caught it. Photograph: Matko Petrić/Picfair

Wren and Chipmunk, And Stay OUT
‘Little Wren nesting in our backyard makes sure Chippie knows the boundaries! This chipmunk is testing his life limits and the wren is having none of it. She is a feisty little thing’. Photograph: Susi Ryan/Picfair

Date Night in the city
Common toads moving towards mating grounds in a Budapest suburb. In spring, a large number of toads are hit by cars or trams as they migrate through Budapest to find appropriate bodies of water in the suburbs to lay their spawns. Photograph: Mano Aliczki/Picfair

What’s up human?
Saying hi to wildlife through the window. Photograph: Jozef Kovalik/Picfair

Beak in the Botanic Gardens

A pigeon perched on a red factory bulb during winter in London. Photograph: Oliver Schultz/Picfair

Free Kick
An Australian native brolga. Photograph: Cheryl Rogers/Picfair

Man, You Scared Me
Rainbow lorikeets perched on a rail overlooking the ocean as another one drops in to join them, giving them a fright in the process. Photograph: Kim Borg/Picfair

Riders on the storm
‘Just at the end of a guided tour of a castle in Slovenia, I met this red fox while she was looking for a refuge from the violent storm that started a few minutes earlier. Unable to find shelter quickly, she was forced to wander for a while, moving slowly due to the weight of the water on her fur. I had the chance to take just a few backlit pictures before she disappeared behind the huge castle wall’. Photograph: Luca Eberle/Picfair

Oh Snap!
A monkey is caught in action mid bite. Photograph: Barak/Picfair

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