Digital Artist Shows How Climate Change is Affecting Our World

3 Geese at Low Tide 2020. See if you can find all 3 geese in the low tide area of the piece.

Creative director and digital artist Randy Richards is best known for his time-traveling images, where the viewer can see scenes captured between seasons. According to the artist, his style was born from paintings created between 1996 to 2002 when he began doing side-by-side collages, which later evolved into 3D cubes. Continue reading »

The Winning Photos From The CIWEM Environmental Photographer Of The Year 2019, An International Showcase For The Very Best In Environmental Photography

The CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year showcases the very best in environmental photography. Highlighting the terrible impacts being wrought on our planet by its most dominant species the competition also celebrates humanity’s innate ability to survive and innovate, lending hope to us all that we can overcome challenges to live sustainably. The competition supports the urgent calls to action of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and recognises the intricate interconnected nature of development, poverty reduction, equality, security and climate action and the unprecedented effort from all sectors of society needed to tackle the defining issues of our time.

High Tide Enters Home by SL Shanth Kumar, Mumbai. Environmental photographer of the year: A huge wave lashes at a shanty, throwing a fisherman out of his home in Bandra, Mumbai, India. He is pulled in by the strong currents but was rescued by fellow fishermen before the sea could swallow him. Mumbai is at risk of coastal flooding, a fallout of climate change. The city’s land and sea temperatures have been rising, causing an corresponding impact on the sea level. (Photo by SL Shanth Kumar/CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2019) Continue reading »

An Ice Statue Of Greta Thunberg Has Been Erected In Trafalgar Square


London-based creatives Alissa Khan-Whelan, Chris Godfrey and CJ Brown erected an ice sculpture of climate activist Greta Thunberg in Trafalgar Square yesterday (2 October). The likeness, which melted throughout the day in the sunny weather, aimed to be a “powerful representation of climate change and the plight the world is in unless change is made,” the creators say in a statement about the project. Continue reading »

The Best Signs From The Climate Change Rallies Around The World

Millions of people in over 150 countries across the globe marched for lawmakers and corporations to take action to help stop climate change on Friday, September 20. Some activists got their messages across with brilliantly funny, angry and wittily worded signs. Scroll down to see the best examples! Continue reading »

A Giant “Garbage Whale” Floating Across The Street In Vladivostok, Russia

For several months the French street artists duo Murmure Street have been developing their latest project : « Garb(age) » that will be revealed in their upcoming exhibition in Paris in 2020. Continue reading »

Flooded London By Squint/Opera Depicts “Curiously Utopian” Vision Of The City Under Water

Digital design studio Squint/Opera has reissued a series of speculative visualisations depicting London in 2090 when climate change has left much of the city under water. The Flooded London series, first created in 2008, shows how citizens might adapt to catastrophic rising temperatures and sea levels. Continue reading »

Don’t Wait to See How The Earth Gets Old With Greenpeace Russia’s EarthApp

Isobar Moscow responds to the recent FaceApp obsession by showing what will happen to our planet if the climate emergency continues.

As FaceApp raises privacy concerns, Greenpeace Russia has decided to raise awareness about another important issue: the climate emergency. Working together with Isobar Moscow, Greenpeace has posted a series of Instagram carousels that depict how most beautiful places on the planet are going to look like if we do nothing about the climate crisis. Continue reading »

Polish Artist Designs Shoсking Ads Of Major Companies That Show The Harsh Reality

According to Igor Dobrowolski: “My name is Igor Dobrowolski and I’m a Polish artist. Recently, I designed my own version of the real advertisement. Corporations like Nestlé and Unilever profit wildly from single-use plastic packaging while peddling the myth of recycling as a solution. But anyone who has thought seriously about the issue can see that recycling could never handle the amount of plastic surrounding our everyday life.” Continue reading »

Artist Created 40 Informative Illustrations About Environmental Issues

Complex environmental issues seen through the lens of a lovable astronaut/polar bear odd couple; Cosmo & Giraffe. The duo serves as a voice for WeSupply, an online marketplace that empowers customers to make a difference through conscious shopping. In their off-time the pair enjoy cruising around in a spaceship and long walks on the beach – respectively. Continue reading »

Photographer Tom Hegen Raises Awareness On The Climate Issues Through Several Impressive Aerial Photographs

Once again, Tom Hegen raises awareness on the climate issues through several impressive aerial photographs. Entitled «The Two Degrees», this project focuses on the dramatic effects of global warming on the Arctic ice sheet in Greenland. Continue reading »

“Climate Noah’s Arch” Project By French Artist Gad Weil Will Be Exhibited In Paris

Sculptures of animals which are part of an artistic project called “Climate Noah’s Arch” by French artist Gad Weil, are pictured in Gennevilliers, near Paris, France, September 3, 2015. More than a hundred animal sculptures will be exhibited when Paris hosts the World Climate Summit, called the COP21, from November 30 to December 11, 2015. (Photo by Benoit Tessier/Reuters)
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November 29 – December 5, 2014: Nature and Climate

Vehicles drive through a muddy road outside Beyla, Guinea, November 25, 2014. (Photo by Fabien Offner/Reuters)
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Peru Attacks Illegal Mining Ahead of Climate Talks

“Peru has sent 1,000 police into its southeastern jungles to dismantle illegal gold-mining camps, just weeks before the country hosts global climate talks. Even before the officers began blasting away at miners’ makeshift shelters, the Amazon rainforest nearby looked like a war-scape, pocked with craters and littered with the trunks of amputated trees. Peru’s anti-illegal mining czar, retired army Gen. Augusto Soto, marched the men 6 miles (11 kilometers) to the wasteland known as La Pampa, where 50,000 hectares of rainforest have been obliterated in the past six years. They destroyed motors and dynamited a dozen motorcycles as they tore down dwellings that included at least one mud-flanked bordello. The miners had removed and hidden some machinery.

Peru first criminalized unlicensed gold mining in 2012 but only began enforcing the law vigorously this year with serious manpower and explosives. The operations have displaced thousands of the estimated 40,000 people who authorities say moved to the jungle to mine gold. In addition to contributing to deforestation, which scientists blame for between 12 and 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, the illegal alluvial gold mining contaminates the jungle with tons of mercury. Mercury is a toxin and has already contaminated the food chain, including fish, the local population’s main protein source. Peru’s environment minister says the country loses about 400 square miles (between 100,000 and 120,000 hectares) a year to deforestation. The South American country will host U.N.-sponsored climate talks that start on December 1”. – The Associated Press.

In this November 12, 2014 photo, a column of policemen occupy a gold mining camp as part of an operation to eradicate illegal mining in the area known as La Pampa, in Peru’s Madre de Dios region. Less than a month before Peru plays host to global climate talks, the government sent a battalion of police into southeastern jungles to dismantle illegal gold-mining mining camps. Peru’s anti-illegal mining czar, retired army Gen. Augusto Soto, marched the men to the wasteland known as La Pampa, where 50,000 hectares of rainforest have been obliterated in the past six years. (Photo by Rodrigo Abd/AP Photo)
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Australians Bury Heads in Sand to Mock Government Climate Stance

A group of around 400 demonstrators participate in a protest by burying their heads in the sand at Sydney’s Bondi Beach November 13, 2014. Hundreds of protesters participated in the event, held ahead of Saturday’s G20 summit in Brisbane, which was being promoted as a message to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government that, “You have your head in the sand on climate change”. (Photo by David Gray/Reuters)
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New Polar Climate Uniform For The Arctic Boardguards

This is a sample of the new uniform for the Russian arctic and polar board guards. The camo here might look to bright to be camouflage, however there are a couple of “outdoors” photos at the end of the post and for me, it looks like it works well on snow. Continue reading »

Speculative Designs for Headquarters of Green Climate Fund in Bonn

LAVA‘s (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) vision for the proposed headquarters of the Green Climate Fund in Bonn is described as having ‘maximum impact’ and ‘an ideal working environment’. Continue reading »

tck tck tck Global Campaign for Climate Action

Thousands of South African youths form a giant lion head on a beach in Durban, to call for urgent action on climate change, on the sidelines of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. The event was in partnership with international artist John Quigley and supported by the “tck tck tck Global Campaign for Climate Action.” (AFP/ Greenpeace / Shayne Robinson)

Villages Abandoned Near Europe’s Worst Climate Polluting Power Plant

The villages of Charavgi and Kleitos, located in the valley of Ptolemais in Greece, have been gradually abandoned since the Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) opened two power plants in the region.

Situated near the town of Kozani, some 500 kilometers north of capital city Athens, the PPC’s power plants – Kardia and Agios Dimitrios – are allegedly the European Union’s top two Carbon-di-Oxide-emitting power plants and have been dubbed the worst climate polluting power stations, according to a May 2007 WWF survey called “Dirty Thirty”.

As per the report, the Agios Dimitrios power plant emits about 12 million tonnes of CO2 per year, while the Kardia power station emits about 9 million tonnes of CO2 annually. The two power plants are Greece’s biggest, producing about 70 per cent of the country’s electricity but they have affected human settlements in their locality.

The PPC reportedly “bought” the once flourishing nearby villages of Charavgi and Kleitos and relocated residents elsewhere. Now almost a deserted area, the only person who lives in Kleitos is an Indian immigrant – Jangdip Pal, 45, who works as a night guard at the lignite mine, Reuters reports. In Charavgi, only one shepherd lives, along with his family.

The power plant of Kardia is seen through a destroyed house in the village of Charavgi in the valley of Ptolemais near the town of Kozani some 500 km north of Athens on September 29, 2011. (REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis) Continue reading »