Artist Created 40 Informative Illustrations About Environmental Issues

Complex environmental issues seen through the lens of a lovable astronaut/polar bear odd couple; Cosmo & Giraffe. The duo serves as a voice for WeSupply, an online marketplace that empowers customers to make a difference through conscious shopping. In their off-time the pair enjoy cruising around in a spaceship and long walks on the beach – respectively.

“Hello fellow humans,

I’m part of a vulnerable species called polar bears but I’m a really friendly specimen of my kind. I even go by the name of Giraffe and I live by the Arctics where I have a lot of friends, for now.

I’m 6 years old, which makes me somewhat of a teenage polar bear (did you know that we live up to 25 years?), but don’t get fooled by my young age, because I’ve already learned the issues that the environment faces everyday. I’m talking about pollution, climate change, deforestation and so many others that put our lives into jeopardy, and by ‘ours’ I mean yours too, buddy.

Join me in this new journey I’m on. I will tell you more about the environment, the Issues it’s facing, how to overcome them and what can we do to make Earth a better place. Let’s fight the good fight!”

h/t: boredpanda

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