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Very Cheeky and Unstoppably Confident Characters by Yuri


In search of a burst of color and charm in your life? Your search ends here. Allow us to present these incredibly vibrant and supremely confident characters, the brainchild of an artist known as Yuri.

What’s Yuri’s mission? To infuse our world with radiant hues and an irresistible zest… and perhaps to earn a living in the process, as she offers her illustrations for sale as prints and stickers on her website.

“I’m Yuri. My pronouns are she/her. I am a mix of 🇦🇺🇲🇾👽🇯🇵, in no particular order. And I’m an aries, can you tell?

I am an illustrator part-time, marketing strategist during the day, and a full time bad bitch. Currently I am publishing my second picture book, just for grown-ups and manifesting opportunities. It’s my aim to create a space for the best two energies to have; sweetness and sass, and to bring more light and colour into the world.”

More: Instagram, Shop h/t: sadanduseless

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