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Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos

Beware, for your Instagram account is at risk! Right this moment, there might be a person scrolling through your photos, trying to find a target to exercise their nimble fingers.

But we’re not talking about scammers, hackers, or heck, even haters. Actually, the “threat” we’re talking about is nothing but harmless fun. You see, Lucas Levitan (previously featured) loves to draw cartoons, and he gets all of his inspiration from Instagram photos: what he likes to do is to borrow them in order to transform them into something creative, unexpected, and fun, ultimately transforming a casual photo snapped by (usually) amateur photographers and turning them into works of art, entertaining thousands of his viewers. Who knows, maybe the original photos even get more recognition due to Lucas’ work, so it may not be a bad thing after all if one day you learn that your Instagram was raided by the instafamous cartoonist.

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