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Illustrator Draws On Her Self-Portraits To Create Fun, Whimsical Images


Based in Brisbane, Australia, Lauren Carney is “a polly pocket sized artist” with “a fine appreciation of all things handmade, arty, crafty and vintage”. Not only does she create wonderful illustrations, she also has a knack for combining her drawings with her photographic self-portraits to produce delightful and whimsical images. Continue reading »

Quirky Visual Experiments By Illustrator Christoph Niemann


Berlin-based illustrator, graphic designer and author Christoph Niemann created a bunch of humorous, minimalistic illustrations out of everyday objects. Continue reading »

Russian Illustrator Reimagines Different Coffees As Cats


So you’ve been drinking your coffee wrong this whole time. Russian illustrator Elena Efremova, for example, not only drinks her coffee, she depicts its flavor by drawing cats with it! Purrfection. Continue reading »

Fantasy And Funny Paintings By The Illustrator Sergey Svistunov


Russian artist Sergey Svistunov was born in a small city in Moscow region in 1985. Now he is a professional 2D illustrator and hobbyist making awesome funny and mainly fantasy (but also horror) style pictures. Sergey has the high level of skills and unbridled flight of fancy. His paintings include terrible monsters, fantasy girls, mystical landscapes, and just strange mythical essences. So let’s have a look at his great job. Continue reading »

An Illustrator Imagines What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Modern Teenagers


Once upon a time, Canadian illustrator Anoosha Syed started wondering how iconic Disney heroines would look and what their interests be if they were actual modern teenagers. Continue reading »

Illustrator Perfectly Captures The Beauty Of Single Life


Mexico-based artist Idalia Candelas draws women who are content to be alone. Using pencil, ink, and watercolor, “Postmodern Loneliness” is a series that celebrates being single. Candelas says she was inspired by her time living alone in Mexico City. Continue reading »

The Daily Muse: Oliver Jeffers, Artist And Illustrator


From figurative painting and installation to illustration and picture-book making, Oliver Jeffers work takes many forms. His distinctive paintings have been exhibited in multiple cities, including the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Brooklyn Museum, Lazarides Gallery and Gestalten Space, Berlin. Continue reading »

This Tokyo Illustrator Is a Wizard at Speed Sketches

These doodles of everyday situations are works by Hama-House and although simple, are actually pretty skilled too. Continue reading »

Amazing Works by the Unknown Illustrator

Fantastic pen drwaings, created by the unknown russian illustrator under the name of “Sidr Baitzagitz“. No more information to be given. Just take a look and enjoy. Continue reading »

Illustrator Daniel Mackie

Cool illustrations by Daniel Mackie, UK illustrator. Hand drawn and coloured.

Illustrator Chris Kasch

Chris Kasch is a UK illustrator who has built an impressive and varied clientele throughout his 14 year career. His work is instantly recognisable to anyone in touch with contemporary illustration.