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“Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland”: Fantastic Dreamscape Photos by Attila Ataner

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All About Photo presents “Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland” by Attila Ataner, an online exhibition running through June 2024. This collection features fourteen stunning photographs from his series.

Ataner visited Iceland in August and September 2006, a pivotal time in his life. The country’s landscapes—majestic mountains, volcanic sands, serene streams—and its varied light left a lasting impression. His memories inspired him to reimagine and re-edit his photos, blending them to reflect his experiences authentically.

Ataner merged and reframed his photos in a 1:2 aspect ratio, inspired by traditional Asian scroll paintings, to highlight the harmony between Earth and sky. These images capture his enduring connection to Iceland.

More: All About Photo, Attila Ataner, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 1 665acc714917f 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 2 665acc7454172 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 3 665acc778d6ee 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 4 665acc7a8f610 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 5 665acc7d9c7e5 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 6 665acc7fd57c2 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 7 665acc82957a9 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 8 665acc855051d 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 9 665acc87d0b9d 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 10 665acc8a5230d 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 11 665acc8d4d710 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 12 665acc8fe6c9b 700
Reimagined Landscapes Iceland 13 665acc92c4eb8 700

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