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What Happened To Ronald McDonald, According to AI

What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald1

Remember Ronald McDonald? That clown who used to be the star of McDonald’s before clowns got the reputation of being the nightmarish creatures from a horror flick.

Well, we got curious about what he’s been up to these days. So, someone asked an AI for an update. Turns out, Ronald is chilling in the basement of a secret McDonald’s location, gradually transforming into something out of a sci-fi movie—a massive cockroach-spider hybrid. Who knew retirement could be so… interesting?

h/t: sadanduseless

What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald2
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald3
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald4
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald5
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald6
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald7
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald8
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald9
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald10
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald11
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald12
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald13
What Happened To Ronald Mcdonald14

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