Lego Production Factory in Billund, Denmark

Minifigure heads on the Lego production line in Billund, Denmark, where two million Lego pieces are made every hour. This machine, one of several similar ones in the factory, can paint different expressions on each side of the heads. (Alex Howe)

The Billund factory’s ‘Cathedral’ warehouse, which is ‘manned’ by eight robots and 15 automatic cranes. (Alex Howe)

Minifigures are assembled on the production line. (Alex Howe)

Left: The Toy Story characters; and a virtual Buzz Lightyear – the lines in the background indicate brick size. (Alex Howe)

Lego heads in the painting machine. (Alex Howe)

One of the 12 production ‘legs’ in the factory – the finished Lego pieces are stored in the Cathedral. (Alex Howe)

Left: A large minifigure welcomes visitors to the ‘Idea House’; and completed products on display. (Alex Howe)

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