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Fantastic Carpets by ‘We Make Carpets’

WE MAKE CARPETS, consisting of Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg, mix traditional skills and a critical view of the consumer society in unusual carpets. WE MAKE CARPETS are inspired by the colour, shape and possibilities of the material chosen. The result is not just a decorative carpet, but an object that makes us think about the consumer society that produces these ‘weaving materials’. A contemporary interpretation of wealth.

Candybar Carpet
Candybar Carpet was commissioned by Slokdarm festival, Veghel, The Netherlands. And was exhibited in the old CHV factory just outside the city.

Disposable Carpet
Disposable Carpet was commissioned by Tijdelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hardware Carpet 3
Hardware Carpet 3 was exhibited during Art Rotterdam at CBK Rotterdam.

Pasta Carpet 2
Patsa Carpet 2 was made for the exhibition ‘WE MAKE CARPETS’ during the dutch design week 2010.

Glow Carpet
Glow carpet was commissioned by GLOW Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It consisted of 750 kilogram glow-in-the dark pebble stones. Every ten minutes the carpet was charged for five minutes with light. When the lights turned off a luminescent carpet appeared.

Coffee Carpet
Coffee Carpet was made in Bob’s Studio in Arnhem

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