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Northlandz: The World’s Biggest Model Railroad

The world’s biggest model railroad Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey, was created by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

It boasts more than eight miles of track and features more than 100 trains, as well as almost 400 bridges. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

The attraction, called Northlandz, in Flemington, New Jersey, contains more than 3,000 miniature buildings in cities and villages, 50,000 trees and 40-foot bridges spanning huge canyons, meaning it’s anything but small-scale. (Butterworth/SplashNew)

The owner and creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, not only built the 52,000 sq ft building it is housed in but also painstakingly designed and handcrafted almost all of the scenery. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

It has even attracted several celebrity visitors, including famed model railroad fan, rocker Rod Stewart, and rocker Neil Young, who went to the attraction in disguise. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

The path through the exhibit, spread across 16 acres, is almost one mile long. Visitors are told it will take at least two hours to make their way through the whole thing. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

These handcrafted soldiers highlight creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino’s attention to detail. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

Aeroplanes line up for take off. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

Owner and creator Bruce Williams Zaccagnino’s vast control room. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

An intricate city scape. (Butterworth/SplashNews)

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