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Unnatural World: A Masterful Blend Of AI And 3D By Zachary Corzine


Zachary Darren Corzine is a Freelance Designer and Director based in Portland, OR, USA. As a multidisciplinary designer, he takes a comprehensive approach from concept to final production.

His “Unnatural World” series, created with Houdini, Stable Diffusion, and Lightroom, explores the intersection of his creative practice and advancing technology. He experiments with custom AI models trained on his work to generate images that can be precisely art directed. This method aims for ethical and accurate integration of AI.

Corzine’s client list includes Apple, Audi, Disney, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nike, Twitter, Ubisoft, and YouTube, among others.

More: Zachary Corzine, Instagram, Behance

[image] 127246
[image] 1296381
[image] 1447099
[image] 1967408
[image] 2319345
[image] 2743570
[image] 2773588
[image] 3217356
[image] 3612348
[image] 3760922
[image] 4022969
[image] 4175837
[image] 4572306
[image] 5466442
[image] 6386322
[image] 6821161
[image] 7796745
[image] 8150548
[image] 8901729
[image] 9241998
[image] 9444822

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