The New Tesla Model M Concept Bike

Seeking to push the limits for a brand still considered to be well ahead of its time, independent designer Jans Slapins puts forth his vision for an electric powered motorcycle. Dubbed the Tesla Model M Concept, the machine shows just what the innovative brand could present to buyers looking for the comforts and technology of a Tesla car combined with the unmatched feel of a motorcycle.

The Tesla Model M Concept is powered by a 204 HP electric motor that can be configured to drive in four modes: Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco. In each case, the electric motor takes its energy from lithium-ion batteries installed low on the bike’s lightweight carbon fiber and aluminium frame, with a ride supported by a mono-shock suspension.

In place of the usual transmission and fuel tank, the Model M instead has a storage space large enough for a full helmet. The design is then finished with carbon fiber wheels and streamlined tech between the handle bars. Flip the page to see more of designer Jans Slapins work and cross your fingers that an idea like this will be hitting dealers in the years to come.

Via FreshnessMag

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