“The Call Of The Void”: Polish Photographer Lukasz Palka Captures Streets Of Tokyo

Polish photographer Lukasz Palka explores his fascination with Tokyo in this series of captures taken from different rooftops all over the city.

“Born in Poland, raised in the US, and residing in Japan since 2008, I am an urban photographer interested in all aspects of the Tokyo Metropolis; its people, its infrastructure, and the endless stories that unfold in the city’s streets,” he wrote.

More: Lukasz Palka, Instagram, Facebook

“I photograph in multiple genres, street photography, urban landscape, urbex, and others. Though my work is varied, it is aimed at one goal: a personal portrait of a great city. From its rooftops to its underbelly, Tokyo has fascinated me since I first arrived a decade ago. I am often asked what is it about Japan or about Tokyo that I like most, but it’s impossible to narrow it down to a single aspect. The city breaths like a living organism, energy ebbs and flows within it, while humans and traffic pump through its arteries as though propelled by a beating heart. It’s impossible not to be intoxicated by this environment of light and concrete, stage to the dramas of life. The only way for me to comprehend and convey these notions is through photography.”

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