The Couple that Laughs Together

When it comes to engagement photos, it can be a challenge to come up with something original.

Too often, pictures can be cliched, even cheesy. Whether it be a couple holding hands, the woman with her arms draped lovingly around her man, perhaps starting dotingly into his eyes… a flower in her hair maybe? It’s all been done before. But throw in a bit of role reversal and the pictures take on a new life in a refreshing and quirky manner.

Marian Schembari, a San Francisco-based marketing manager and blogger, along with her fiancé, Elliot Speed, began coming up with ideas for photos to crack each other up. They summoned the help of photographer Malia Moss.

‘When we started planning our wedding last October and looking at Pinterest boards of engagement photos, it was like people totally lost their personalities.’ ‘We on the other hand acted like idiots and Elliot posed as a traditional blushing bride. I don’t think anyone has ever had more fun,’ Ms. Schembari said.

Credits: The Daily Mail

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