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“Anti-Selfies”: Artist Lies Facedown In Tourist Spots And Pretends To Be Dead

STEFDIES is a photographic performance art series that chronicles a life. Each photo is an “anti-selfie” that strives to get back to the roots of what a photograph was intended to be- a captured moment in time.

The series provokes discussion on mortality, the function of photography, and stirs the imagination. Nothing is premeditated or prepared in these photographs, the shot is captured in the moment as it occurs.

“In the current culture of selfie stick-kardashian-youtube-photoshopped-memememe shitshows, we have forgotten what it means to take (or treasure) a photograph,” Rose explains. “We live in a virtual reality obsessed culture. Nothing is what it truly is, especially in photographs.”

Each photo is spontaneous. There’s no added equipment or lighting. And more impressively, there’s never a barrier between her face and the ground. This means that Rose has gotten very close with the floors of public toilets and tourist filled streets

STEFDIES is a no(woman)man and every(wo)man. She has no age or ethnicity. She is a MFA trained artist working primarily in theatrical new works and photographic performance art pieces.

More info: Stefdies, Instagram

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