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Entries of the Scottish Seabird Centre’s Nature Photography Awards

The Scottish Seabird Centre is a visitor attraction in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland. Opened by Charles, Prince of Wales in 2000 and funded by the Millennium Commission, the showpiece of the centre is the network of cameras which beam back live pictures from the bird colonies on islands such as the Bass Rock and Fidra. The local abundance of gannets, puffins and more has been described by Sir David Attenborough as one of the “Twelve Wildlife Wonders of the World”.

Barry Forbes took this picture called Tangled Kites. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Crested tit by Fiona Gavin. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Neil MacGregor’s amazing shot of an osprey swooping down for the catch of the day. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Alec Trusler zooms in on the gannets at Bass Rock. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Vibrant colours in Tom Gardner’s picture of an aphid. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Marilyn Young’s detailed shot of an aphid in action. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Barry Forbes with another entry – strangers on the shore. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

Fiona Gavin’s red squirrel in the snow. (Scottish Seabird Centre)

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