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Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Lets Cats Have Their Sweet Revenge

Erik Stehmann

Erik Stehmann, a designer based in the Netherlands, has created a brilliant take on the scratching post that will serve as a beautiful decoration for your home and an effective therapy tool for your cat. That’s because the scratching post is shaped like a dog!

Erik Stehmann

The scratching post is named DOG, with a smaller variant called PUP.

Inge Gijsel

“Not only does DOG protect your furniture from cat scratching, but it is also THE way for cats to release their frustrations on their ‘natural enemy!’” writes Stehmann to Bored Panda.

Inge Gijsel

Judging by his photos and videos, cats take to these scratching posts (scratching sculptures?) with murderous glee, and they are designed so they wouldn’t tip

h/t: bored panda, designtaxi

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