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Japanese Designer New Years Cards 2014

Every year around this time we share with you a selection of Japanese designer Holiday/New Year’s cards. Here is the 2014 edition, which should also serve as a reminder that this year is the year of the horse. Happy New Year!

1. A cute illustrated card from Nagoya-based graphic design firm creun, inc.

2. Each year Tomoko Azumi of TNA Design Studio uses her prized stamp collection to compose a card.

3. Visual artist Tabaimo came up with a rather morbid New Years greeting. The bones and hear spell out the characters for 2014.

4. Botanic artist Makoto Azuma put together a floral arrangement that resembles a horse.

5. A horse-themed card from illustrator Naho Ogawa.

6. This one is from Japanese Techno-pop group Denki Groove.

7. Creative Director Kenjiro Sano used a mathematical formula based on the numbers 2014, to create an image of a horse.

8. Creative Director Keisuke Unosawa opted for the cowboy/cowgirl motif.

9. It’s not a New Year’s card, but it was too good to pass up. Twitter user @jj_akichan made this otoshidama envelope based on one of Japan’s most popular memes of 2013: O-MO-TE-NA-SHI.

10. Also not a New Year’s card, but Hiroshima-based Hyphen Design created a gorgeously minimal 2014 calendar as a greeting. It’s easy to use and free for anyone to download and print. Grab yours HERE (PDF).

11. A colorful greeting card from felt sculptor Hine Mizushima.

Credits: Spoon & Tamago

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