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Coffin Office Chairs: Perfect For Your Dead End Job


Finally there’s a product for those who love to say “My job is killing me!” or for those who want to show how it feels like to sit in on yet another pointless 2 hr meeting that could have been a simple email.

Seriously though these chairs are probably made as a social commentary on how we are killing ourselves at work, so they were designed to resemble coffins. They do not look comfortable, you probably wouldn’t want to spend eternity in them. However, being uncomfortable is a small price to pay for looking cool when you are attending the annual vampire conference.

More: Chairbox Design h/t: sadanduseless


These chairs are an interesting juxtaposition because dead in the ground or alive in the office are the last two places a normal person would want to be. These coffin chairs are screaming: “Get out from under this horrid fluorescent lighting, go outside, be free!”


Our only real complaint is how little armrest there is. Thick, cushioned armrests are so much better! Well, these chairs aren’t about cushioning your elbows, though. They are about reminding you of the fleetingness of life. Every moment is precious; pet your dogs often, go get some ice cream, travel, play video games, enjoy life while you still can.



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