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This Is What A Psychiatric Hospital That Has Been Abandoned For Years Looks Like


A spooky sight to behold! This is what a psychiatric hospital that has been abandoned for years looks like. Complete with bowling alley and a theater, the hospital shows just how much nature has weathered it over time as paint peels from the walls and the mattress gather dust. The shots were captured by Will Ellis, 26, a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York, with a Canon 5D Mark II with a long exposure to get the full range of shadow creeping across the scenes. The photos were taken at the hospital in summer 2015 at a psychiatric hospital in upstate New York.


Mattresses pile up in a dayroom.


Beer bottle middens pile up in an auditorium.


Pink walls distinguish the girls ward of the childrens building.


A mural with patriotic themes characterizes the boys wing of the structure.


Chipped plaster, masonry, paint, and wallpaper fill a water basin.


An abandoned section of the former Rockland State Hospital, now known as Rockland Psychiatric Center.


The hospital once housed 9,000 people, including patients and staff.


The AMF bowling equipment may date back to the 60s or 70s.


Compared to the bowling balls, the pins were scarce. Many had been stolen over the years.


A stash of nudie magazines hidden long ago in the basement of a kitchen area.


This area of the hospital was last used as a day care center in the early 2000s.


A few relics from the state hospital era lie scattered around the halls.


Bowling balls pile up at the end of the lanes from previous visitors.


A doorway in the boys ward of the childrens building.

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