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French Florist Spends 15 Years Decorating His Shop With 800 Water Cans


Bruno Geyer, a passionate florist from the quaint village of Rougemont Le Chateau , in the Franche-Comté region of France, has been decorating his flower shop with water cans for the last 15 years. He currently has around 800 of them hanging from the walls and roof of his shop, and even covering a nearby hillside.

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It’s hard to miss Bruno Geyer’s unique shop when passing through Rougemont Le Chateau. If the colorful flowers and climbing plants outside don’t give it away, the hundreds of hanging water cans definitely will. They are virtually everywhere and make the place look like it came out of an Alice in Wonderland illustrated book. And with new additions being installed every few days, you could say it’s a work in progress.


It all started 15 years ago, when Bruno’s sister gave him a water can as a Christmas present. It got him thinking about the importance of water as a life source for plants, and the water can seemed like the perfect symbol of that. He bought himself another one, then another, and before he knew it he was hooked. He would buy them wherever he could find them, in home&garden shops, at flea markets, on eBay, and as word of his growing water can collection spread around the village, people started bringing him their old water cans as well. The shop became known as ‘L’arroisoir’ (The Water Can).


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