“Been on More Roofs than Santa Claus”

“You always remember your first…” (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Highlife”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Poolside”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Rooftopper’s Creed”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Un.break.able”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“▲/▼”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Roof Rehab”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“There can be only one”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Still”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Hard Landing”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Highlander”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Tonight, this is your city”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“Hung up”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

“The Joker”. (Photo by Roof Topper)

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